Year 13 Retreat

Published on Monday, 4 November 2019, 8:55 a.m. Print Article

For those who don’t know, a retreat is often a day where you take time away from the busyness of school and classes, take a step back and observe where your life and faith is at in the present moment.

At our Year 13 Retreat on Friday 26 July, the objectives of the day were to articulate the virtues of Euphrasie Barbier and nurture them in our lives, devote time to meditation that allows space for God, be actively engaged with the sisterhood of Sacred Heart and be present in our Parish community as women of faith.

We started with prayer and then split into groups where we were given scripture to act out which the remaining groups had to guess. We all found our dramatic passion. From there we moved onto group activities where we created prayer tables based on a virtue that we wanted to express more in our lives.

A retreat often involves taking time away from our hectic lives, which we were fully able to do in a 10 minute meditation. We took this opportunity to practice being present, no thinking or worrying, just silent prayer.

After a pretty swell shared lunch, we moved into affirmations. Affirmations where we allowed ourselves to embrace good things about ourselves, and then offer up affirmations to our peers in the form of notes.

Overall the Year 13 Retreat was a successful day that collectively was enjoyed. We came away with things we want more of in our lives and things to work towards.

Bridget Kelly Lowe & Madeleine Archer (Catholic Character Leaders)
Students 13WS