Futsal - Terms 1 and 4

Summary: Futsal is a hugely growing sport for secondary school girls and Sacred Heart College girls love this sport! Futsal is a 5 a-side indoor game played on the indoor courts at Pettigrew Green Arena (PGA) an the New Stadium, Gloucester Street, Taradale, Napier on Friday evening's in Terms 1 and 4. Futsal helps maintain the girl's fitness and helps develop speed and skill for the top Football girls.

Registration: Please click on the link to register to play in Term 1. This must be done by Monday 6th February Click here 


Logistics: Due to the later times of the games, students are responsible for organising their own transport to and from games.

Games: All games are played at PGA and New Stadium on a Friday evening at differing times usually between 5-7.30pm.

Practices: Teams will practice at school in the Gym at Break 2 - day to be confirmed.

Uniforms: Students will be issued a football shirt and if they wear their black pe shorts and their school sports hoodie or school jacket to and from games. For warmth, players can wear a white, maroon, or black under-layer underneath their playing top. Black Football socks and shin guards (compulsory) are also required.

Equipment: Students are to ensure they have sport shoes or Futsal boots to play in as well as shin guards (compulsory) and black Football socks.

Sports Draw: All games details are available via the Central Football website Click here and we have a school sports draw with all game details which is updated weekly and is available on our school sport Facebook page and school sport website and app - titled Weekly Sports Draw.​​​​​​​


SHC Futsal Teams’ Term 1 2022

SHC Junior 

Aleesha Beams

Laura Brassington

Paige Jones

Caitlin Montaperto-Wells

Brooke Cuneen

Zoe Sebileau

Genevieve Kruger

SHC Senior A

Isabella Bason

Kaitlin Black

Lola Parlato

Bethany Seymour

Sophie Walker

Megan Thomas

Alice Thomas

SHC Senior B

Maggie Hare

​​​​​​​Jaimee Gerbes

Lucy Smith

Amelia Murphy

Lucia Urquhart

Ava Teddy

SHC Futsal Teams’ Term 4 2022

SHC Juniors 1                                              SHC Juniors 2

Paige Jones                                                                  Rhea Chantrey

Caitlin Montaperto-Wells                                           Ella Mitchell

Aleesha Beams                                                           Natalie Turner

Genevieve Kruger                                                       Issy Davidson  

Hazel Marwick                                                            Freyja Longdon

Holly Menzies                                                             Magdalena Jobbins

Lucia Murphy                                                              Brooke Cuneen

Julie Herron                                                                 Zoe Sebileau

Manager: Carl Montaperto                                        Manager: Rachel Read

SHC Juniors 3                                             SHC Seniors

Isabella Bason                                                            Sophie Walker

Amber Wright                                                             Bethany Seymour

Shanae August                                                           Lola Parlato

Cristina Parshapag                                                    Megan Thomas

Hayley Smith                                                              Alice Thomas

Pearl Ngapare                                                            Laura Brassington      

Demi Walker                                                               Kaitlin Black

Manager: Pauleen Kelly                                             Manager: Sarah Walker

Lisa Brassington