Volleyball – Terms 1 and 4

Summary: Volleyball is played in Terms 1 and 4. Traditionally the Senior girls – Years 11-13 play in Term 1 and Junior girls – Year 9 and 10's play in Term 4.

All Divisions in the secondary competition are played at Pettigrew Green Arena (PGA) and New Stadium, Gloucester Street, Taradale on a Tuesday evening.

Logistics: Students are responsible for arranging their own transport to and from games.

Games: All games are on a Tuesday after school/evening anytime from 4 – 9pm at the Pettigrew Green Arena and the New Stadium, Taradale.

​​​​​​​Practices: Break 2 in the school gym - day to be confirmed.

​​​​​​​Uniforms: Volleyball top (SHC will issue this to players) and pe shorts or black tights and sport shoes. Students are expected to wear their school sports hoodie or school jacket and own black sports trackpants to and from games. For warmth, players can wear a white, maroon, or black under-layer underneath their playing top. All players should wear black knee pads.

Equipment: Non-marking court shoes and all girls should have their own black knee pads.

​​​​​​​Sports Draw: All games details are available via the Hawke’s Bay Volleyball website and we have a school sports draw with all game details which is updated weekly and will be available on our school sport Facebook page, school sport website and school sport app.​​​​​​​


Term 1

SHC Senior A

Trustina Aluni

Moelani Malasia

Althea Lagudas

Bethany Seymour

Cara Kuzman

Sophie Walker

Teuila Apineru

Mollie Wakely

Anna McIvor

Amber Lumb-Peteli

SHC Senior B

Lola Parlato

Eliza Clarkson

Pearl Drummond

Claudia Rae

Talia Brown

Isla Chantrey

Rianna Boyle​​​​​​​

Term 4


Trustina Aluni

Hepi Brown

Precious Paa

Geovanna Perez

Tazlyn Tasi

Shama Taulapapa

Jordin Tolentino

Solema Tuu

Tina Vaai

Sophia Ventura


Danielle August

Shanae August

Mikayla Brown

Cassiopeia Cortex

Molly Giles

Hineraukatauri Keenan

Amarni Kemp

Harshmeen Parmar

Rosie Symes

Ihipera Te Huia



Hayley Cope

Sophie Frater

Emma Marsden

Makenzie Moore

Simone O’Connor

Sapphire Parker

Acacia Ranson

Katelyn Roberts

Ava Webber