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Netball - Terms 2 and 3

Summary: The Netball programme is well established at Sacred Heart College; it is the sport that has the highest level of participation. This year we have 11 teams across the local secondary competitions.  We aim to offer Netball for girls to participate at all levels.

All Sacred Heart girls playing Netball are expected to firstly play for the school. Some Senior girls, if it does not clash with school team practices may also be able to play for a club team.

Our Senior Premier team plays in the Super Secondary League for which is held on a Tuesday evening at PGA in Taradale. All other teams play in the school competition organised by the Hawkes Bay Netball Association at the Hawke’s Bay Sports Park on a Saturday morning.

Logistics: The Sports Department manages the school Netball programme with the help of some very dedicated staff and coaches.


Senior Premier team - Pettigrew Green Arena (PGA) Tuesday nights

All Secondary (Y9-13) – Hawke’s Bay Sports Park, Percival Road, Hastings Saturday mornings. Games begin at 8am and finish approx. 12noon.

Practices: Once the teams and coaches have been finalised, we will publish a practice timetable for all Netball teams. We try to work around our coaches’ availability so the practice times may not suit everyone, but we do our best for the majority.

Cost: The cost for the season is outlined below. This will be charged to your daughter's school account.

Premier Team - $130.00

Senior Teams -  $120.00

Junior Teams -  $100.00

Uniforms: The Sports Department will issue teams either a Netball dress or skirt and top to wear. This must be returned at the end of the season. Students are expected to wear their school sports hoodie or school jacket and own black sports trackpants to and from games. For warmth, players can wear a white, maroon, or black under-layer underneath their playing top.

Equipment: Students are expected to have correct sports shoes and white ankle socks.

Sports Draw: All games details are available via the Hawke’s Bay Netball website and we have a school sports draw with all game details which is updated weekly and will be available on our school sport Facebook page, school sport website and school app.

Please make sure you sign up to netball on the school app to received these notifications.

​​​​​​​Club Teams: If your daughter wants to play for a local club she must be playing firstly for a SHC school team. Your daughter also has to get dispensation from the Principal.​​​​​​​

Please click on the links below to see all competition dates for the 2022 season.

Super Secondary - Competition Dates

​​​​​​​Secondary Saturdays - Competition Dates

Netball Teams 2023

SHC Premier

Coach: Renee Whitiora

Manager: Rachel Read/Margo Harvey

Trainings: Sunday 2.30pm school gym

Iriaka Peri

Makayla Jones

Alisa Onuma

Annabel Koko-Price

Te Amokura Watson

Acacia Tamihana-Joe

Abbie Gardner

Hannah Rich

Rosie Symes

Madison Kerins

SHC Senior Gold

Coach: Maddison Airey

Manager: Marysia Airey

Trainings: Thursday after school on the turf

Molly Campbell

Cailin Marlow

Reese McKinley-Rhodes

​​​​​​​Amarni Kemp

Awhina Kaio

Michaela Symonds

Mikayla Brown

Poppy Walling

Saraid Murphy

SHC Senior Red

Coach: Rose Jones

Manager: Karen Chantrey

Trainings: Monday Break 2 in the gym

Anika Pere

Keely Butler

Alix Harrison

Alyssa Lee

Lani Daly

Reed Smith

Isla Chantrey

Rhianna Southern

Danielle August

SHC Senior Blue

Coach: Iriaka Peri

Manager: Amy Fleming

Trainings: Thursday Break 2 on the school turf

Paige Jones

Molly Jones

Ava Koenigsberger

Sneha Jenson

Myah Lee

Keira-Leigh Marshall

Geovanna Perez Parr

Shakarna Crichton

Pippa Diack

SHC Senior Green

Coach: Reese McKinley-Rhodes, Abbie Gardiner, Cailin Marlow

Manager: Amy Roberts

Trainings: Tuesday Break 2 on the school turf

Kelly Kimble

Aleesha Beams

Acacia Ranson

Sophie Frater

Katelyn Roberts

Charlotte Smith

Helena Black

Emma Rich

SHC 10 Gold

Coach: Rachel Read

Manager: Margo Harvey

Training: Friday 7.15-8.30am in the school gym

Harshmeen Parmar

Alyssa Leddie

Layla Stovell

Kate Harvey

Brooke Cuneen

Kaiah Hazel

Bronnie King

Shama Taulapapa

Tazlyn Tasi

SHC 10 Red

Coach: Sneha Jensen and Awhina Kaio

Manager: Rachel Daly

Trainings:  Thursday Break 2 in the school gym

Ihipera Te Huia

Cameron Daly

Hineraukatauri Keenan

Hepi Brown

Solema Tuu

Melia Gubb

Nastassjah Pita 

Lily Liebrecht

Michaela Russell

SHC 9 Gold

Coach: John Dransfield

Manager: Rebecca Pye

Trainings: Monday 3.30-5pm in the school gym

                   Friday Break 2 in the school gym

Aja Heremaia-Pye

Nusa Nansen

Poppy Dickie

Zoe Taylor

Atawai Potaka-Osborne

Ruby Sisam

Aimee Wakely

Milla Koenigsberger

Kaitlin King

Valerie Nansen

SHC 9 Red

Coach: Danielle August and Mikayla Brown

Manager: Andrea Kaio

Trainings: Wednesday Break 2 on the school turf

Alisi Tuu

Emma Frith

Michaela Balchin

Charlise Blance

Makenzie Smith

Lily Groome

Abbey Kaio

Heaven-Lee Leulua'i

Leilah Hutchins

Halo Jordan

SHC 9/10 Blue

Coach: Annabel Koko-Price

Manager: Anna Murphy

​​​​​​​Trainings: Wednesday Break 2 on the school turf

Bianca Hope

Chloe Payne

Lucia Murphy

Katie Hardgrave

Quinn Gordon

Anathi Horgan

Poppy McCaskey

Briana Thompson

Sienna Malaitai

Tiana Hudson

​​​​​​​SHC 9/10 Green

Coach: Maddie Kerins, Amarni Kemp, Rhianna Southon

Manager: Shauna Costello

​​​​​​​Trainings: Monday after school 3.30-4.30pm on the school turf

Olivia Siman-Single

Cheska Asuncion

Teresa Findon

Jaapi Ghuman

Theresa Ogunbanwo

Ava Rose Te Ngaru

Gabby Solomon

Sofie Godinho

Poppy Fazackerley

Ruth Campbell

​​​​​​​Umpires, Team Managers and Game Scoring:

Each week we allocate a student umpire to each game. In the instance that we are not able to fill a game, we have organised for each team to have a back-up parent umpire so that every team is covered each week. We have also ensured that every team has a parent manager who can help with the organising of the team each week.

We will require the Manager and/or a parent of each team to download the HB Netball app and be able to score their daughter's game.