Blessing the school

On Friday 15 May 2020 a whakawatea (lifting of a Rahui) was lead by Charles Ropitini. This was followed by a Mihi Whakatau (welcome) for Tom Silverwood and our new year 9 student and whanau. Fr. Barry, Raphelle Andrews, student leaders along with staff member and Kaitiaki Tikanga committee were in attendance. Fr. Barry closed the ceremony with a blessing of us all as a community as we worked towards returning on site. 

SHC students to represent region in Basketball

Being selected to represent Hawke’s Bay in Basketball intheir age group for another season is the result of years of hard work anddedication by two Sacred Heart College students. Rikki Lee Te Kira and AnnaHaronga will play for the Hawke’s Bay under 15 and under 17 girls’respectively. For Rikki Lee, it is the first time she has been named as anofficial member of the team, having stepped in to boost numbers last year.While for Anna, it is her fifth consecutive year representing the region.Fifteen-year-old Rikki Lee onlystarted playing Basketball in year 8 after getting bored of sitting on thesidelines while watching her older brother play. Now in year 10, she has grownto love the sport and couldn’t think of doing anything else.  Last year helped the shooting guard gain confidence inshooting and having control over the ball. Apart from being on the court, sheenjoys the bond between the girls in the team. “It’s good to connect with themespecially when you just join the team as well.” Now in year 12, Anna hopes tomake the New Zealand team if she sticks at Basketball.  In year 7 former Hawks captain Clifton Bush II came to herschool for training programmes and took her under his wing. She was alsomentored through the Paora Winitana and Paul Henare Academy.  “I’ve always played netball so I thought I would try Basketballout and I kind of just followed him around and he took me to rep trials andintroduced me to people and that’s how I got involved,” she said. The forward likes the freedom of the game. “We’re notconstricted like netball having to stay in certain areas of the court, you cankind of play everywhere if you have the skills.”After stopping netball to focuson basketball, Anna started playing for the college team last year.  Despite interruptions to theseason due to Covid-19, they are still practising, albeit at home,  and have not lost hope on taking to the courtthis year. The Easter tournament in Tauranga last month was cancelled and it is not knownwhat will happen with the upcoming Nationals scheduled for July.  Rikki Lee just hopes to be ableto finish off the 2020 season and do better than the 10th placing they got at nationals last year. Anna said they rushed before lockdown to organise their individual trainingschedules at home and have been staying in touch with each other. “As soon as it is over we’vegot to get straight back into it and catch up on all the missed trainings we’vehad.” Sacred Heart College teacher LynneKoenders coached the school’s only basketball team up until the end of last year. “They’ve done really well,” shesays. She believes it is their attitude towards bettering themselves in thesport which has seen them go as far as they have already. “It is all abouttheir attitude – they’ve got the attitude and drive to do it.” “They are both very passionateabout their basketball and they’re willing to put the time into practising.” Both came to SHC with a “highlevel of skill” and have developed it further. Their success and skill havebeen hugely beneficial for other aspiring basketballers at the school, Koenderssaid. “It shows them thelevel of skill that they can develop if they practice and both of them have avery good attitude in practice to develop their skills and use their skills tobe able to read the court so they demonstrate that and encourage others todevelop those skills as well.” 

Sacred Heart Leaders' Prayer for our Community

Sacred Heart College student leaders have come together to produce a moving video rendition of the prayers of the faithful to encourage and inspire their school community. Speaking in their native languages, including English, Māori, Tongan, Italian, Dutch and Samoan, seven leaders each shared a prayer for the unsung heroes of society during this trying time. Head girl Lucy Dinneen came up with the concept which will be used as the focus for this week’s online learning. “I thought it would be nice for our girls, staff, and the wider community to stay connected with their faith and to encourage the idea of ‘staying connected to our sisterhood’ via our prayers and religion," she said. In the video, they can be seen praying for God to watch over the essential workers and help them realise they are “truly appreciated by everyone”. “My God, we ask that you watch over those working in hospitals during this pandemic. May they continue to have the energy to work hard and stay healthy.” They pray for those who are sick and those who are more at risk than others to fall ill. But they also lift those in Government making crucial decisions, as well as teachers, students and those who are working hard during this time. It is the second video created by year 13 leaders at Sacred Heart College reinforcing the idea that although they may be isolated and apart from each other, together they are one.Last week, house leaders made a video in an effort to stay connected with one another and to remind the girls to stay strong in their faith and resilience. Principal Maria Neville-Foster said it was a “beautiful prayer video”. “It gave me goosebumps... What wonderful students we have to work with.”  Neville-Foster said it is more important than ever to ensure students are keeping their faith “alive and connected” during this time. She said she is immensely proud of the way all students have adapted to this ever-changing environment. “Once again, it shows our girls’ ingenuity and spirit.”Click here to view the video on Facebook

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