Support & Pastoral Care

We believe in the dignity and worth of each individual. Our student support network aims to help each student develop her talents while at the College. Our aim is for all classes to have high-quality learning and teaching.

The student support network is designed to provide every student with a:
  • Form Teacher who gives the day-to-day pastoral care and guidance and is the most important contact person for the student.
  • Dean at each year level who has a special interest in counselling, discipline and curriculum guidance.
A further three key people work in the areas of student support are:
  • Guidance Counsellor who is available to work with individual students and where appropriate their families. She also can provide links with community agencies that can give specialised support.
  • Careers Advisor who ensures that each student has made sound preparations for further study and/or career choices.
  • Future Pathways teacher who organises and teaches courses within the school, oversees work placements and courses with outside providers.
  • Youth Minister who provides a witness and prayerful presence to our girls and walk alongside them in their life and faith journey
A Peer Support programme provides small groups of Year 9 students with Year 13 leaders whom they meet with throughout the year. This helps Year 9 students make a successful transition into the College community and gain an understanding of the College spirit.
Student support is provided for students who have particular needs in:
  • Academic support
  • Study skills and organisation
  • Motivation
The student support network aims to help students take responsibility for their own choices and direction while at school and in the future.