Enrolment Information

For 2025 enrolments please contact the school office. 


Students who attend Catholic Schools in New Zealand fall into two categories, preference and non-preference. Preference students are those students who are baptised in the Catholic Faith or who whose family have an established link with the Catholic Church.  An appointment must be made with a Priest who will sign a Preference Certificate for your daughter.

Please phone the offices of either the Catholic Parish of Napier, 8353621 or the Catholic Parish of Hastings, 8787774 to arrange this. 


The number of Non-Preference places available each year is determined by the 1975 Integration Act.   Under this Act, Sacred Heart College can only enrol a limited number of students who have no link to the Catholic Church.  Non–preference students will have their application for enrolment considered and will be processed in the following order of priority: 

  1. Student has a sibling that is already enrolled at Sacred Heart College Napier
  2. Student is coming as non-preference from a Catholic intermediate school. 
  3. Student is a sibling of a former non preference student at Sacred Heart College Napier
  4. Parent is a teacher at Sacred Heart College Napier
  5. Student attended a Catholic primary school
  6. Students mother/grandmother is an old girl
  7. Students brother attends St. John's College

Closing date for Non-Preference enrolment applications is Friday 23 August 2024.  All Non-Preference enrolments will be finalised by both the Principal and The Chairperson of the Board.  The final decision is at the discretion of the Principal and the Board Chairperson.  Their decision is final.  

Enrolment interviews If you wish to continue with the enrolment process, please contact the office for an enrolment interview.  At this interview, your daughter will get the opportunity to meet the Principal or Deputy Principal.  We ask that at least one parent or guardian accompanies a prospective student during the enrolment interview.  

If you require any further information or you would like to discuss the enrolment of your daughter further, please contact the school office on 06 8353761.