Our Environment

Sacred Heart College, located on the beautiful Bluff Hill with stunning views of the seas is the perfect environment for study. 

Our site has seen many changes over our rich 154 year history, creating the beautiful college you see today. 

Our modern facilities tie in with our fascinating history and create an exceptional learning space for our students. 

The Mission Centre is the most recent addition to our site and is a stunning building that opens onto our amphitheatre, with a dual-purpose of Sacred Chapel and Cultural Performance Stage. 

The outdoor spaces include tennis and netball courts, open grass areas and an amphitheatre used by students for numerous performances, gatherings and socialisation.

We have a large gymnasium with a climbing wall, an auditorium also used for performances such as music, drama or speeches and a beautiful library with an extensive selection of books as well as resources and space for students to study. 

Specialised rooms cater for musical groups and individuals. The orchestra, jazz and various other bands, chamber groups and several choirs make full use of the music suite. Individual music and drama lessons are available to students to sign up for upon enrolment.

A selection of hot and cold food and snacks are available for staff and students from the school canteen. The canteen is open every day during interval and lunchtime. We are a water only school and healthy choices are promoted.

​​​​​​​We also have specialised rooms that cater for our range of technology classes on offer. They include computer suites and collaborative workspaces that are specially designed for subjects such as Photography, Design, Nutrition, Hospitality, and Textiles.