Why a Girls' Catholic School? 

At Sacred Heart College, students are united and empowered to achieve their God-given potential – inspired by the girls who have gone before them.

The name 'Sacred Heart' is very old and has been used to refer to Catholic schools and parish communities for centuries.

The word ‘sacred’ stands for something that is special and holy and the word ‘heart’ means love and giving. It refers especially to the love that Jesus has for each one of us and it reminds us to have that same love for others.
Our motto is “‘Hearts and Minds in Harmony".

Outstanding Opportunities

At Sacred Heart College we view extra-curricular involvement as an important component in the holistic development of young women.

Our range of sports caters for competitive athletes through high level inter-school sport, as well as providing opportunities for social or beginner players to learn and develop their skills. School sport is administered by a combination of experienced coaches, developing student coaches and passionate staff. There is always the opportunity for skilled athletes to represent the school at regional and national competitions.

At Sacred Heart College we offer many wonderful opportunities for students to explore their creative and cultural interests. We encourage all students to be involved in activities which allow students of all abilities, interests and cultures to express themselves.

Throughout the year we are involved in a variety of events showcasing our arts, music and cultural highlights. 

Opportunities for service groups within the school are also available such as Enviro Group and Duke of Edinburgh. 

If we do not have an extra-curricular activity listed that your daughter is involved in, we will work towards introducing that or create opportunities where she can continue to partake in her area of choice.

Listen to our 2020 student leaders talk about how they handled a very interesting final year at school and their favourite memories during their time at Sacred Heart College.