Our Values

These values are underpinned, enhanced, and enriched by all of our Gospel Values and the Maori values of manaakitanga and whanaungatanga.

Our HEART acronym was launched in 2021 to highlight a number of important values we are guided by as a Kura.

These values were identified by our staff and student council and then brought to life by one of our talented students, Isabel Harris, who won our competition to design an image for the HEART acronym. ​​​​​​​

The purpose of this acronym is to provide a simple tool to encourage us all at Sacred Heart College to have these values front and centre of everything we do.

It also provides an avenue to share with the community and anyone that comes on site what our core values are.

"Have confidence in God, be humble, love prayer and be very kind."
- Euphraise Barbier

Sacred Heart builds a culture of love, based on God’s love for us.

Students grow in self-love, self-management and self-direction. This enables them to love God, others and to respect the rights, freedom and worth of all people. They can experience our Special Character Committee and Vinnies social action groups, sacramental programmes and many liturgical opportunities.

Each year we have a school-wide theme which is promoted and implemented throughout the school.

2023 Theme for the year

2023 Theme for the year

2020 Theme for the year

2019 Theme for the year

2018 Theme for the year