Our curriculum at Sacred Heart reflects the principles and values of the New Zealand curriculum within a wider philosophy of Catholic Social Teachings . A broad and challenging curriculum is aimed at developing confident, connected lifelong learners. Our junior years offer a broad foundation which allows for specialisation in the senior school according to ability and interests.

We offer a balanced programme concentrating more on essential learning areas in Year 9 and 10, opening up the range of options as the students progress through the school. We are confident that after five years our students leave well equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities of tertiary education.

Highly qualified and motivated staff teach the knowledge, skills and values which the students need to succeed and to take their place in the world beyond school. Strong relationships and high academic standards are emphasised. Students are guided, supported and encouraged to set goals to achieve their potential. This is complemented by modern, well-equipped facilities. 

Our concentration on literacy and numeracy in the junior school is supported by specialist help for those with learning difficulties and a programme of extension for students where appropriate. Wide reading is encouraged and the Marian Library has an excellent collection of books for research and recreation. Involvement in English, Maths and Science competitions both nationally and internationally help to improve the standards in those areas of the curriculum. 

In fostering the spiritual growth and worth of each individual the Religious Education programme at Sacred Heart College is taken at all year levels. Achievement standards contribute to opportunity for course and level endorsement. Our senior students are well positioned to take advantage of national qualifications and our results are favourable when compared to comparable schools across New Zealand. 

Religious Education
Our comprehensive and relevant Understanding Faith national curriculum offers credits and endorsements within the NCEA school programme. The programme scaffolds across the year levels and provides a rich, holistic array of topics delving into human experience, theology, scripture, history, sacraments, social justice and world religions.

We offer a Catholic world view that explores the mystery of faith in a multi-cultural environment. Students have an opportunity to question, wonder and grow in their
relationship with God. Regardless of students’ experience and understanding, our curriculum guides them in an inclusive, respectful way.


Our curriculum is lived out in liturgy. The spiritual dimension of Sacred Heart is proudly Catholic and reflects the teachings and actions of Jesus Christ in a changing world. We enrich students’ faith journeys through liturgies of masses, prayer, music, dance and drama.

Each year group participates in their own annual retreat. Retreats provide students with 'time out' to reflect on the important issues in their lives, learning ways to live joyfully, forgive others, find peace and therefore know themselves. A retreat can be a very deeply spiritual and meaningful experience, strengthening bonds of friendship, understanding and unity within our community.