Our Student Leaders 2024

“If we can develop a truly humble attitude, we can change the world.” - Pope Francis

Head Girl: Ann Maria Jelish (middle)
​​​​​​​Deputy Head Girls: Tamar Aiken (left of Ann Maria) & Teuila Apineru (right of Ann Maria)

Special Character Leaders: Lola Parlato & Taleta Vili

Community Leaders
Lauren Harkness & Grace Carran

Sports Leaders:
Bethany Seymour & Megan Thomas

Academic Leaders:
Ann Ebin & Bridie Price

Arts Leaders:
Anna McIvor & Isobella Comber

Cultural Leaders:
Alyssa Lee & Annmaria Joy (photo to follow)

Stewardship Leader

Isla Chantrey

Wellbeing Leader:
Althea Lagudas

Aubert House Leaders:
Molly Wakely & Sophie Walker

Holderness House Leaders:
Moelani Leutele Malasia & Natasha Hudson

Barbier House Leaders:
Eliza Clarkson & Annabel Koko-Price

Marian House Leaders:
Cara Kuzman & Michaela Symonds

Leaders are the “custodians” of the vision – not in the sense of controlling it, but enabling the vision to unfold and to flourish! Leaders ensure that the mission focus of the members is consistent with the vision.
​​​​​​​The vision is never static, but always evolving in fidelity to the founding dream, and through lived experience in mission. Leaders constantly engage members in on-going reflection on the vision and evaluate the mission in relation to the vision.
​​​​​​​Maureen McBride RNDM Sister

Our student leadership positions are open for any year 12 student to apply. Applications open at the end of the year with the Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl being announced at our end of year Prizegiving.

All positions are voted on by students and staff. Remaining leader positions are announced at the beginning of the year.
Our student leaders all attend a leadership camp at the beginning of Term 1 as a team. Followed by specific leadership camps in small groups including RNDM, Caritas and Launching Leaders camps.

Each leader also runs a student committee who support them in their role and oversee a variety of repsonsibilties. These leaders are led and supported by our Senior Leadership Team throughout the year. 

All our leaders run an assembly each term where they are able to bring forward news, presentations, or awards from their area. 

Our juniors also have the opportunity to apply for a leadership position as Junior House Leaders at the end of the year when seniors go on study leave. 

We also have a Student Council run by the Deputy Head girl. These students have an input in a large range of topics across the school and meet regularly. 

Our Board of Trustees Student Representative attends every board meeting once a month. They represent the student body and bring forward any ideas, intiatives or issues they would like addressed.