Academic Results

Sacred Heart College had outstanding NCEA results in 2021 despite the disruptive year. 
Our Maori and pacific peoples achievement is the same or above in some cases, as our NZ European achievement which is something we are very proud of. These achievements are no surprise given the research conducted by business ‘think tank the NZ Initiative’, produced in association with the New Zealand Herald, finding that ‘one’s chances of finishing school with University Entrance can be increased by 8.3 percentage points by sending them to an integrated school’.

We believe it is our Faith that has helped ensure all our girls at Sacred Heart College achieve their God given potential.

We are very proud of our results, with every year level exceeding national averages at every level.

Former students of Sacred Heart College graduating from
​​​​​​​Te Herenga Waka - Victoria University of Wellington

​​​​​​​Name                                    Qualification                                                     Majors                                                                             Institutional Honours

Catherine Joule                        PHD – Doctor of Philosophy                                     English Literature    

Jessa Turnbull                           BA - Bachelor of Arts                                                 Educating Psychology

Jessica Hawkins                        BCOM - Bachelor of Commerce                              Accounting; Commericial Law

Laura Selwood                          BCOM - Bachelor of Commerce                              Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations

Laura Selwood                          LLB - Bachelor of Laws

Meg Bryan                                 BA - Bachelor of Arts                                                 Criminology; Psychology                                                      

Nicola Duff                                 MSC -Master of Science                                           Psychology                                                                            Passed with Distinction      

Rachel Hawkins                         BSC - Bachelor of Science                                        Computer Science

Sarah Catherall                          MA - Master of Arts                                                  Creative Writing                                                                   Passed with Merit

Ylena Allen                                  BA - Bachelor of Arts                                                Japanese