"Technology will not replace great teachers but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational."
​​​​​​​ - George Couros


Students are strongly encouraged to have their own device. Should you consider purchasing a device we encourage devices that are adequate for school and classroom use. When considering a device we encourage you to consider a product that includes these features to ensure your daughter has the greatest possible access to the educational resources that will support and enhance learning. The type of device that you consider will also relate to the type of subjects that your daughter studies, particularly in the senior school and those nearing the end of their secondary schooling should look to tertiary requirements in their chosen field. Device configurations change regularly, as do prices. There are a wide range of suitable devices. We do not consider a tablet or a Chrome book suitable devices for secondary school.

  • All students are allocated an email address and cloud accounts through Office 365.
  • All students should bring their device everyday and will be able to connect to wifi providing they have signed the school's Internet Acceptable Use Agreement.
  • Students can print to certain school printers from their own device by following the instructions in the mobile print guide - download on the right. Printing will be charged through the Papercut system.

Internet Use

In order to access our school computer network all students have to return a signed Acceptable Use Agreement designed to make sure that they and their parents/caregivers are aware of the responsibilities involved in using the internet at Sacred Heart.

The school endorses the use of safe internet practices at all times and has some advice here.

Office 365

All students are allocated an Office 365 account with email and cloud storage. 

Please save the login page as a Favourite or Bookmark in your browser. You can use the link a to log in on any internet connected device. As an Office 365 user you DO NOT need to purchase Office for your computer. You can download it for free by following the instructions in the link on the right.


The KAMAR app is available to download onto your phone. Go to the app store and install KAMAR.  To set it up, the server name is kamar.sacredheartnapier.school.nz 

The username and password are the same as for the KAMAR portal and most of the same information is available on the app. The app is an easy way to check Notices, Timetable and Attendance.

Sacred Heart App

The Sacred Heart phone app can now been downloaded from the appropriate app store. You will receive alerts for important reminders and notifications as well as being able to access other school information such as the school calendar and sports draws.

Bridging Tradition with 21st Century Learning

School App

Our school App is used to alert students and families/ whanau of up and coming events, sports draws, access to sites such as the KAMAR portal, website, Facebook/ news articles and the registration for sports/ school events. You can also use the App to notify us of your daughter’s absence. Download the App from the Apple/ Google Play Store by searching ‘Sacred Heart Napier’. You can also subscribe to receive alerts for specific events, sports or teams. Click alerts, then click settings. Check that Sacred Heart College Napier is ON (green). Click the groups you wish to subscribe to.