Information for Students and Parents at Sacred Heart College

Please see our Student and Parent Enrolment Handbook for more helpful information.  Click here.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Students should be at school in enough time to prepare themselves for the day and to be at all classes punctually. All student absences must be explained by their parent/caregiver as soon as possible. These explanations can be sent to the school office by email, phone call, through the school app, or by a written note. Please contact the office before the start of the school day if a student is not going to be on site. If a student is away without notification, the office will text the primary caregiver on the morning of the absence. Medical certificates are required for extended periods of absence, or if a student is unable to sit an NCEA internal assessment or examination due to sickness. Any applications for leave, other than sickness, must be made to the Principal in writing in advance of the leave period. Under the Ministry of Education guidelines, any holidays in term time are treated as unjustified absences. Special leave will be granted on a case by case basis. Specialist and other essential appointments should be made where practicable, outside school hours. The best learning takes place when students are in class.


Students are allowed to use their cell phones during breaks. We ask that parents avoid contacting students on their cell phones during class time as they should not be receiving calls or texts. If contact is required urgently please ring the school office. There is a telephone available in the school office, at Break 1 and Break 2, if students need to contact parents and caregivers during the school day. 

Injury or Illness

Students who are ill or injured should report to a teacher and then to the school office. The situation will be monitored and the student may remain in the sick bay. The office staff may contact a student’s parent or caregiver to make arrangements for her to go home. If the injury or illness is serious, parents or caregivers will be contacted immediately. Students are not to make alternative arrangements to contact parents or to leave the school grounds without the school’s permission.

Lateness & Leaving Early

Students who arrive at school late should report to the school office. They should have a note explaining their lateness and will be issued with a late slip to take to their class teacher. No student will be admitted late into class without a late slip. Students are expected to remain in the school grounds during the school day. Requests to leave must be supported by a note of explanation from parents or caregivers and students must sign out at the office. On return, students must sign in again at the office 


Students are expected to study regularly at home. Parents can support this by providing a suitable place and environment to study and by taking an interest in the work. Year 9 & 10 students can expect about one to one and a half hours of homework per night and seniors about two to three hours. It is important that a good pattern of study is established at Year 9 so that by the time students enter the senior school they are ready for the longer hours necessary for good progress at that level.

Water Only School

We are a water only school. This means that water and plain milk are the only acceptable drinks for students allowed on site and at school events.
For a sustainable and environmentally friendly option we would promote students refilling their bottles during the day from the outside taps.
The school canteen will continue to sell bottled water.
To actively discourage sugary drinks being brought to school by students we will be requiring students to leave non water drinks stored in the office for pick up by a parent or caregiver if they are seen (opened or not).

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