Special Character

Faith is at the heart of all aspects of College life.

Sacred Heart College is under the patronage of the Sacred Heart with its motto “Virtue and Knowledge”. The College offers an education that is integrated in the Catholic Faith by prayer, worship and religious education.

Because faith is at the heart of all aspects of College life an undertaking is required by parents at enrolment that their daughter will participate in Religious Education instruction and worship.

Through the general College programme and in its religious instruction and observances, students are able to live the values of Jesus Christ as expressed in the Gospels and in the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church. These values are reflected in the daily life of the College. A missionary spirit is encouraged amongst the students through the Religious Education classes and various service and fundraising activities.

As an expression of the Catholic Character, special attention is given to building a Christian community so that all members can benefit from the caring atmosphere and the unity of spirit and vision.

In this Christian atmosphere every individual is given the opportunity to use and develop her talents.